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Other Value-adding Services

Setting up Investment Suitability Framework 

Objectives :To comply with the SFC’s requirements on investment suitability obligations as required under the SFC Code of Conduct and other SFC circulars

  • Setting up Investment Suitability Policy and Procedures to comply with the SFC’s requirements such as Professional Investor, Investor Characterisation, Disclosure of monetary/non-monetary benefits, explanation of product features and risks, investment rationale records, etc.

  • Preparation of documents for clients such as investment product factsheets, risk disclosure statements, standard investment rationale record, client declaration forms by clients, etc.

  • Complying with the SFC’s requirements on Product Due Diligence including

       1) Client Investment Risk Profiling methodology and documentation of analysis

          and rationales; and

       2) Product Risk Ranking methodology and documentation of analysis and rationales.

Setting up new business lines

Objectives : 1) To ascertain compliance with regulatory requirements and effective internal controls of new                                       business lines

                     2) To implement key compliance controls and procedures on specific business  activities

  • Advising on compliance and internal control matters relating to setup of new business lines such as private/corporate banking division, dealing function, investment products division, etc.

  • Special projects to comply with regulatory requirements. e.g. investment suitability framework including client investment risk profiling methodology and wealth management product risk assessments, product due diligence methodology, first-line-of-defense testing and methodology, etc.

Review client agreements, account opening documents, client declaration forms, and more

Objectives :To ascertain compliance with regulatory requirements such as SFO, SFC Code of Conduct, AML/CFT, Personal Data  (Privacy) Ordinance, etc.

  • With close cooperation with our qualified legal partnering firms, we review/prepare client documentation from both legal and regulatory perspectives as well as considering market practice

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