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License Application

ComplianceDirect aims to provide advices and assist clients on regulatory license applications. Our company will also provide compliance advice and support on the setup of businesses in relevant regulated activities. ComplianceDirect can assist you with a variety of license applications, such as SFC licensed corporations (Type 1,2,4,5&9), Insurance brokers, Money Lenders, Money Service Operators, and more. 

We will assist you by:

  • Providing advice on regulatory license applications and business plans for entities and individuals (Responsible Officers and Representatives)

  • Liaising with regulators on license application matters such as compilation and submission of applications to the regulator, provide advice on responses to regulator, act as the contact point and discuss with regulator, etc.

  • Coordinating with corporate secretarial firms to arrange the setup of limited companies and complete related company registry filings

  • Compiling compliance manual and anti-money laundering (AML) / counter-terrorist financing (CFT) compliance manual that suit clients with the specific business types

  • Coordinating with partnering law firms, prepare client agreements and account application documents to meet the specific business requirements of clients

  • Providing advice on internal controls over the business activities

  • Designing templates and forms for internal purposes

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