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On-going Advisory 

To better assist our clients, our company aims to ascertain access to professional compliance advice on ad hoc matters and issues, as well as to ascertain compliance with relevant regulatory requirements in relation to notifications, approvals, and reporting of events. ComplianceDirect will ensure compliance with relevant regulatory and AML/CTF requirements through using proper policies and procedures, testing and monitoring, and making sure regulatory returns, questionnaires and surveys are completed correctly prior to submission to the regulators. 

We will assist you by:


  • Providing compliance advice on matters arising from time to time.  Examples include: interpretation of regulations and guidelines from regulators, inquiries from regulators, actions to be taken upon becoming aware of breaches, system failure, etc

  • Providing advice on events and incidents that require notifications and/or approvals to regulators such as change of shareholder controllers / directors, business address, capital structure, material breach of regulation, etc.

  • Preparing and reviewing regulatory notification forms and letters for clients

  • Conducting periodic discussions with clients on recent changes in businesses and licensees’ personal particulars to ensure timely notifications to regulators

  • Through an interactive approach, compiling compliance and AML/CFT policies and procedures for client that meet client’s specific needs

  • Reviewing and updating compliance and AML/CFT manuals for clients to meet the latest regulatory changes or comments from regulators during inspections and ongoing supervision

  • Conducting gap analysis on existing policies and procedures against the relevant regulatory requirements to identify deficiencies and recommend improvements

  • Conducting review on the internal controls over the compliance with AML/CFT regulatory requirements

  • Providing advice on completion of regulatory returns, questionnaires and surveys

  • Reviewing the returns (e.g., Financial Resources Return (FRR)), questionnaires and surveys to identify potential completion errors and suggesting corrections

  • Conducting on-site mock inspection on compliance with relevant regulating requirements (including an inspection report and recommendations on corrective actions) 

  • Advising on handling of complaints relating to regulatory requirements, e.g., mis-selling of investment products

  • Providing guidance on the complaint investigation process and how the investigation report should be drafted

  • Providing support in complaint investigation on a case-by-case basis

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