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How to assist you


  • Co-Founders of ComplianceDirect both have over 23 years of diversified experience in the financial industry and regulators including banking, brokerage, funds, investment advisors, insurance and MPF. 


  • ComplianceDirect keeps itself updated on the latest market and regulatory developments through ongoing updates and a network of compliance professionals in various fields such as private banking, retail banking, brokerage, funds, insurance and MPF.

  • Under the guidance and leadership of the co-founders, our competent consultants are well trained and possess excellent hands-on compliance knowledge and experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive cost effective and professional services.                   

  • ComplianceDirect is an independent consulting firm providing compliance consulting services to clients. Unlike other accounting firms who provide both auditing and consulting services, ComplianceDirect is independent when providing services to its clients.


  • ComplianceDirect positions itself as a boutique compliance consulting firm distinguished by the co-founders’ abundant and diversified experience and expertise in the financial industry.  The co-founders actively involve themselves in the tasks and projects of clients and provides guidance to the consultants when providing services to clients.

  • Compared with the Big 4 firms, ComplianceDirect provides its services to clients at a lower fee, offering clients cost-effective compliance solutions for their business.  Clients can leverage on ComplianceDirect’s services to effectively and efficiently manage its compliance resources.